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Better To Be Lucky Than Smart

I may have already said this in a different blog post but I once had a boss tell me, “it’s better to be lucky than to be smart. “ That has always stuck with me. Mostly because I’m not someone who believes in luck, yet I fully believe in this saying.  I stopped believing in luck…

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Learning How To Fly

I’ve had a recurring dream where I fly. And I’ve had it so many times that I’ve found there is a technique to “dream flight” and I think I’ve got it down. I think it’s important to analyze dreams. I believe they are our minds trying to make sense out of life’s problems. And I’ve learned…

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Trusting your Gut

In my experience, I get surprisingly good results on my first try at something. It might not always be a full and complete success, but normally it goes well. That might come from having low expectations when starting something new, which, any outcome resulting from a first attempt would seem like an improvement in that case. …

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