Tomorrow I begin writing my second novel. This will NOT be the Detective Harry Miller Book 2. It will be the start of a new series, which I plan to have span across many books. And they will be shorter than Silenced, which came in at 125k. This series will be what’s known as a “techno thriller,” involving some military sci-fi elements, as well as plenty of espionage and action. It will be set in the future and will tackle some themes also present in Silenced, such as the ethics of artificial intelligence, the brutality of war, and the balance between duty and dignity.

I do plan to write Book 2 in the Harry Miller series this summer. I know the book will end up being long and I want to give myself ample time to flesh out the outline and do it justice.

I’m taking a very structured approach to this next series. I learned a ton from writing my first book. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and know what to do this time around.

I have a total word count in mind and have set myself a daily goal of around 1000 words. At that rate, I’ll finish the first draft by my birthday on June 12. When I tracked my words for Silenced, I averaged around 1000 words a day. My best day was 2700. So I think I should be able to reach this goal. I found tracking my word count helped me fly through the first draft much quicker than before tracking.

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